Founders Porter

Oh, you dirty girl!

You lured me in with your fancy and proper label… I expected a stuffy night filled with quiet reverence and small talk about the porter style of beer.  Then you did the Founder’s beer thing. You know that “thing” you do… Where you slap me in the face for assuming that a Founder’s beer is going to be like a comfortable shoe.

How could I know that under that under that black veil and burka-like covering, you are hiding a sexy and sultry cougar of a beer!  

Typical to Founders…  This “black” lady is crackling and popping with scents and flavors.  How we even get to the porter style with all this richness is beyond me!  In my limited experience… I am used to porters being a little more thin than stouts.  Maybe a lack of lacing and head as well?  My only concession on not calling this a stout would be the lack of any real head on the beer… But even that is arguable.  I’ve seen proper stouts have less. 

This beer is a must for your winter beer drinking pleasures.  Be ready for a full bodied lady who doesn’t hold anything back…  Well, after you pop that cap that is!

(Yeah… I mentioned “lacing”…  Fuck off!)

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