Iron Maiden Beer!!!

I’m totally late on this but Ninkasi Brewing has a beer dedicated to Iron Maiden on tap in Oregon. Being a fan of all things Maiden I demand someone out there go drink one and let us know how it is. Better yet, send us a growler.

4 thoughts on “Iron Maiden Beer!!!”

  1. The “Maiden The Shade” was great. Very quaffable ale. light in color, big hop flavor but not super bitter. It’s what I would expect from Ninkasi, I don’t think they make a bad beer. I think it’s all gone now around town, so sorry no growler…

  2. As a fellow Maiden fan I’m so bummed I missed this, but i did try the Sleigh’r, its even the background on my phone now lol. It was fantastic, totally worth arranging a beer trade for.

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