TBR Special Edition – Newcastle Hop’s & Glory


Groucho and CHUD are happy to welcome Newcastle’s latest offering via a package from the manufacturer.   Newcastle Hop’s and Glory Ale.

On the show:

  1. We waffle back and forth a few times on what we were expecting vs what we got. 
  2. Groucho edits the New Castle Wiki?
  3. Castle Jerry.  The mixed drink that is made from a classic New Castle and a Sailor Jerry shot.
  4. Clear bottles?
  5. Beer lunch taken away from the employees.
  6. New Castle, the hipster dark beer?
  7. Import Golden Ale? 
  8. This beer would be great when its 90 degrees!
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All in all…  The beer got a good mark for taste and quality.  But it is not to be compared to any of the “extreme” American Craft beers we normally drink on the show.  If you find yourself stuck between Macro’s and imports.  This is a great choice to have available!  If someone has 90 degree weather going on… Have one and confirm to us that Hop’s and Glory rocks when sweating!


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