TBR Special Edition – O’Fallon Hemp Hop Rye


4 20 Compliant Beer Review!!! LOL! We owe O’Fallon another review… We were drunk!

At the end of a great night of shows… Why not do a one off review? It seemed like the smart thing to do at the time! That is what we did… Groucho may slur his words while reading the information cards… But you will get the idea. The tone is sooooo subdued that you might suspect that we have other sources of Hemp at TBR studios!

O’Fallon has brewed a unique beer here… Earthy and dark. Its a nice change from the beers we normally see from these guys! Do we know what Hemp tastes like??? Not really. Its kind of hard to seek out in a beer.

Seek it out in the Midwest. See what flavors you pull out of this one. Enjoy some Rainmakers from KC Mo at the end of the show.


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