Drunk at the Movies – Pretty in Pink



We are back!  Groucho, The Voice and Daryl are sitting down and finishing the John Hughes/Molly Ringwald trilogy that started with 16 Candles.

For whatever reason… This one gets a little out of hand.  Groucho was in rare form as he came up with new band names with his imbibed outbursts.  Enjoy classics like:  “Thursday Night Potts”, “Hit Her Harry”, and the soon to be popular “Mattlocks Pajamas”.

TBR 95 – Day Drinking

I am not sure if we have done this in eons… Had a few beers during daylight hours and recorded. Consider this a fluke event!

Groucho and CHUD sit down to some new and old IPA’s and dig out some anger from Groucho that has built up after seeing untalented women attempt to paint at the local bar.

Beers on the show: La Cumbre Elevation IPA, O’Fallon 5 Day IPA with a Chinook dryhop addition (from CHUDS wedding firkin!), Groucho’s Mouth Full of Pennies IPA.

On the show:

  1. Soundscan Figures.
  2. Supermodel Vaginal Beer
  3. Alaska!
  4. BBC pseudo science documentary about the super volcano in Yellowstone.
  5. Groucho fishes!  Coor’s Light in hand.
  6. CHUD is a mountain hater.
  7. CHUDco farms?  Suggestions for crops?
  8. Great American Beer Festival…
  9. Homeless Hoopmaster call out!!!
  10. 8 year old IPA.
  11. Garlic and Goats?
  12. Vino and Van Gogh…  Groucho nearly strokes out with rage.
  13. Suicide attempt averted in the Pacific Northwest…
  14. Ruthless Groucho.
  15. Social Media.
  16. Concert stage at CHUDco farms?  The new Woodstock?
  17. McDonald’s French Fries will cure baldness?
  18. Groucho has another Podcast???
  19. Our best Robin Williams imitations?  A Wish for Wings that Work shout-out.
  20. www.throwinwrenches.com
  21. The REAL community is your local community…  Get off the internet!
  22. Layers…  Midwestern Layers.
  23. Podcast reviews…  Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast.  Adam Corolla Show.   Tom Pappa Love.
  24. Sorry Adam… I’m not paying for the Master Course.
  25. Penny dreadful IPA.
  26. The Peoria Podcast Initiative.
  27. Mormons…  Don’t listen to this show please.
  28. Plug for CHUD to do a Drunken Lullabies show.

Thanks for listening!

Le Cumbre beer donated by a friend of the show.