TBR – One for the Road – Groucho and PJ in Dallas

Possibly the most frequent guest on the TBR is our superfan PJ.  He is nearly acquired the title as guest-host!  Its fine by us… He does a great job holding up this episode.

Groucho, as usual, is running around somewhere in the United States and finds out that PJ is close by and wants to do a show.

Recorded in the Dallas Airport Hyatt lobby bar… It doesn’t get much better than that!  Does it?  Groucho is thinking of doing a few episodes with folks with his remote setup, and will call those “One for the Road”.  Look for more episodes like this in the future.

Beers on the show:  Revolver Iron Head IPA, 4 corners Local Buzz, Rahr and Sons Texas Red Amber, Lakewood Temptress Imperial Milk Stout.  All Dallas based beers… All delicious.

On the show:

  1. Brazilian Steakhouse eating strategies.
  2. Putting Fish in your jacket?
  3. PJ’s lecture on these stupid Texas u-turns!
  4. The Replublic of Texas!
  5. Stow and go???  Really PJ?
  6. Groucho jacked the order of the stops.
  7. TRAVEL!
  8. Scotts Cheap Flights?  PJ’s hookup.
  9. Gin?
  10. Oingo Boingo talk.

We get long on this one…  But… Thats what bar hopping does to you!