TBR Special Edition – Hipsters and Pliney

Beers on the show: Russian River Pliney the Elder, Alchemist Brewing Heady Topper, New Galarus No Coast Pale Ale,

Recorded at the “Swinging Single Pad” of Alex and Drews.

  • The Pliney mystique.
  • Beatbox?
  • Whats your favorite podcast Alex?
  • 120 letdown?
  • Shoe Nice????
  • Showry.  Groucho’s YouTube crush.
  • Spotted Cow… Overrated?  Yuengling?
  • Bourbon County night at Maquets.
  • Autocross Talk…  The show takes a turn!
  • Finding a helmet big enough for Groucho’s noggin!
  • No CHUD tonight!