TBR Special Edition – Stone Jerkemon Go


Here is a gem from the end of last year.  Groucho brought back a couple “Crowlers” from the Stone World Brewing Headquarters in Escondido California last fall.  We drank these beers very quickly after arrival back to Central Illinois .  This is the second show from that night… We got a little rocked and you can tell by the end of this one!

Beer on the show:  Stone Jerkemon Go.

On the show:

  1. Crowler?  Can I get a definition please?
  2. Pokemon Go…  The future of our lives?
  3. The Wally Chair!
  4. TBR on the local radio?
  5. This beer is delicious!  Groucho says its flat after a week… CHUD says its good.
  6. Sweaty Betty.  “This beer tastes like sour corn!”
  7. The Schlafly Beer Dinner was the best beer dinner ever?  Stephen Hale was special guest at Harvest Cafe.
  8. Bloomington Normal News.  Destihl love.  Beercade in Normal?  Fatjacks is not CHUD’s favorite place on the weekends.
  9. Odabed and Issac’s…  Groucho needs to check it out.
  10. Skinny pants?  CHUD loves them!
  11. The hangover prayer vigil.  Worship Stone.
  12. Internet sovereignty?  THEBEERREPORT.COM
  13. Fake News? Oh God! Yes, we talk about it.  Facebook Manipulation of the news for their algorithm testing.
  14. Fish are not screwing because of your antidepressants Seattle!
  15. The Greatest Generation would have kicked your ass!
  16. Groucho is a paid writer.
  17. Dad talk about infants.
  18. Family role models?  Where have they gone?
  19. The new Pee Wee movies is hate filled according to CHUD.
  20. The Amish are multiplying.  So Sayeth the CHUD.
  21. Ron Paul Seed garden would not have helped John Goodman in Cloverfield Lane.
  22. Meandering and dishing on Iron Maiden and other assorted topics fill the show out.

Beer on the show purchased at Stone Brewery.  You owe it to yourself to get there!