TBR Video – Harvest Cafe with Kevin & Kyle

We recorded this show in the Spring of 2016 while Kyle was working for the local beer distributor… Since then, he has taken over kitchen duties at Harvest.

Over the past few months… Groucho has struggled with a computer that would not handle large files like this. So, theres a backlog of video stuff laying around for Groucho’s work, play and family stuff.

The video was taken on a gopro that was setup at the corner of the table… It worked out well, but the sound was pretty muddy. Also, you can hear the hand drier from the Men’s room at that booth.

TBR 89 – Post Election Brews


We had a beer sent to us… And we drank it.

Corporate Shills?  Not us.  This is one of those rare times when we try out a beer that has been sent to Beer Report Studios.  It sounded interesting and was close enough to justify a little “pimping” by the show.  You should be able to find Linalool at any liquor depot in the Northwoods of the upper Midwest.  It appears to be readily available.  Enjoy.

As the picture implies… Politics are a key subject to this show.  But, you all should be thanking Groucho for the “post” editing.  We clocked in a show that was 70 minutes before the chopping began.  The politics of the minute were not compelling enough to listen to for me… So I sure as shit was not going to lay that on you!  Your welcome!  Just know this.  We are both Independents and hope that both sides can work together to get something done in this country!

Beers on the show:  Pearl Street Brewery Linalool, 10 Barrell Brewing Company JOE IPA, St Peters English Porter.

On the show:

  1. Why Groucho does not shill.
  2. Mudvayne talk until Groucho shuts CHUD down.
  3. 2016 Election Commentary.
  4. Beer Advocate.  Shoot me now!
  5. Podcasting makes us self righteous beer snobs?
  6. Groucho’s Trail Repair.
  7. Tantric?  Is that a sexual thing?
  8. Studio A memories.
  9. End of politics talk for the year!

Thanks to Pearl Street Brewing for donating the Linalool.  10 Barrel beer was picked up at random liquor store in Colorado.  St Peters picked up at Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.

Linalool IPA