TBR 85 – Stephen Hale of Schlafly Brewing Company


Groucho sits down with Kevin (Harvest Cafe), Kyle (RJ Distributing Cicerone) and Stephen Hale (Schlafly Brewing Company Brewer) at the Harvest Cafe before their beer dinner with Schlafly Brewing.

This one starts off a bit slow…  I think that comes with Groucho not having warmed up with several beers and doing the show at the end of the night as we normally do.  Stephen Hale from Schlafly is probably one of the best guests we have ever had on the show, and its a shame we only had 39 minutes of interview time.  Next time we are gunning for that 4 hour show about all things happening in the brewing world.

Heres the biggest shame in this episode…  Its recorded before dinner.  You cant even imagine how good Chef Terry’s dinner was.  It was one of the best “beer” dinners I have done with any brewery or restaurant.  That is saying a lot.  Kudo’s to Harvest Cafe’s Kevin for putting on an excellent event and bringing together The Beer Report, Kyle and Stephen for this show.

On the show:

  1. The Kilt!
  2. Owning the St. Louis market.
  3. Lawn mower beer.
  4. Kolsch Education.
  5. Glassware talk.
  6. Groucho slams Watermelon Dorado by Ballast Point.  See, I didn’t edit this out Kyle!
  7. Beer Bubble!
  8. Distribution Philosophy.

You can get Schlafly beers at most decent liquor stores in Illinois and parts of the Midwest.  Yeah, Stephen spelled it out… We are special here…  And some of you cant get their stuff!

Theme song as always by Too Much Joy.  “Drunk and In Love”.  Better than any top 40 song of the same name.  Word is… Tim Quirk and the boys were recording a few weeks ago.  This could be a glorious year if we hear something new from them.  www.toomuchjoy.com

Drunken Lullabies 37 with TBR Groucho


Groucho makes the leap and heads over to see whats going on over at the new Drunken Lullabies studio.  Why not include it in our feed?

These guys are great!  Dustin, the Voice, rolled out the red carpet and Blake rolled out the amazing beers!   Even with the age gap, we found tons of common ground and uncommon ground.   See Groucho pissing all over David Bowie later in the show.

This show did have a “morning zoo” vibe to it… That probably comes from it being a housewarming party and podcast.  There were people coming and going during the show.  How Dustin can keep this crew together is reminiscent of the great and powerful JefferyT at Good Beer Show years ago.  (Look that one up noobs)

Thanks for having me and I am looking forward to the next show with even more guests!


From their description:

The Voice is throwing a Bottleshare party at Drunken Lullabies Studios and we’re pregaming on this episode. Joining the show this week is Beermansky, Hippie, newcomer Andy Savage, as well as Godfather Groucho of The Beer Report. We drink some great beers BuckledownShipyardGrassrootsHailstormMikerphoneGoose Island, and Destihl. Our Band of the Week is The Temperance Movement from Scotland. We enjoy two songs from their new album White Bear and talk about Smells Like Pancakes, Bahamas with Beermansky, Poker Machines Everywhere, Luc Longley, “I’ve Thrown Up On a Show Before”, Scratch Off Intervention, Beloved Comedian Robbie Williams, Marion Berries, Biff Tannin & Hops, Bowie Is An Iceberg, Star Wars, Baby’s First Taste, and Music Man Singalong.

Link to the show:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/drunkenlullabiespodcast/DL_EP37_COMPLETE.mp3