TBR 84 – Goose Island 2013 Barley Wine


Beer on the show: 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Barley-wine.

On the show:

  1. The Bourbon County Rage.
  2. Chud’s cellaring philosophy.
  3. PABN.  (Secret Handshake required)  Whats up with the chugging?  CHUD recommends burning dollar bills.
  4. Consistency is an accomplishment!  80% of success is attendance?  Who said that?
  5.  Axel Rose sitting.
  6. The new Tick series.  Griffin Newman who plays Arthur let us down!
  7. Marc Maron Podcast and Show.
  8. Gary Schandling tribute.
  9. Goo Goo Doll’s…  John Mayer…  Not Jack Johnson!!!  Dave Matthews Band?
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings…  Hooters girls in Peoria…  Sad times.
  11. Arrogant Bastard cans?
  12. Boston.
  13. Fireball???  Why?
  14. Meat sweats.
  15. Aftershock is a hookup lock!  In 1997 at least!
  16. Tindr…  Yeah…  What do two married guys know about this?
  17. Chud digging on Frank Zappa…  Then comparing it to South Park.
  18. Trump, Clinton…  OMG.  Sanders?
  19. Fracking.  Groucho and CHUD break it down non-scientifically.
  20. The Future…
  21. Dont use self check.  Dont use restaurants that use robots.  Use businesses that support local jobs.
  22. If your going to be a sh*tbag… Your going to reap the rewards.  The moral of Krampus.
  23. A last dash of CBR love.

This lovely beer purchased in Pekin Illinois at Broadway Liquors.  Tell them the Beer Report sent you… They will probably ask you WTF that means!