TBR Special Edition – D2E2


Beer on the show: Real Ale Sysaphis 2014

Thanks to PJ for this great beer from Real Ale in Texas.

On the show:

  • CHUDtone
  • Iggy Pop overrated?
  • Super Sweet?
  • Ladies…  The soothing sounds of CHUDtones wash over you.
  • Scorched Mother Earth.  We were idiots.  Mother Earth Brewing.
  • Criticism…  Can you deal with it?
  • Sysaphis was the dude who would lose it at the top of the mountain.  Damn Greeks!
  • D2E2
  • 10 year life lessons learned in beer podcasting.
  • Groucho learned the value of 40 hours work.
  • If you drink and are a *sshole…  Your a real *sshole in the real world!
  • CHUD’s lesson:  The Girl at the record store is not your dream date.
  • CHUD’s lesson 2:  Learn to breath through your balls????
  • Grouchos Lesson 2:   There is an evil man underground who will poke you for eternity.
  • CHUD lesson 3:  If you dont like your spouses friends…  Your relationship will not last.
  • The F’ing General Lee.  Groucho’s take on it.
  • CHUD loves Atlanta!

Ok… that last part might be a stretch… Apparently Atlanta and CHUD have issues!