2015 Craftbeer Week Roundup and Peoria Beerfest Roundup


Groucho is back for the final wrap up on the audio show for this years Peoria Beerfest and commentary on American Craftbeer Week 2015.  We then move on to clips from the festival VIP tent with Groucho & CHUD.

Get to Peoria in late April for this Festival and be prepared to have a blast!

On the show:

  • Intro by Groucho with love for his local Peoria/Bloomington bars and restaurants that stepped it up for this years Craftbeer Week.
  • Groucho & CHUD talk Peoria Beerfest.
  • Belching Beaver Beer.
  • Losing your head?
    Stone Brewing Theodors.
    Audio fail!
    Interview: Jennifer Ritter of the Peoria Jaycees. (at 9:00)
    Explore Peoria Video… Jennifer killed it!  http://www.explorepeoria.com/
  • Do the VIP Tent!
  • Northcoast Brewing Company J Marie.
  • Interview:  Ken Chiu (Official TBR Photographer) (at 12:48) www.kenchiuphoto.com
  • Breakfast at the Fox Pub before the Beerfest!!!  Lets pack the Fox next year!
  • Fried Toast!
  • Groucho drops an F Bomb!
  • Kudos to Pat Hartzler from Brewers Distributing for all his acquisitions at the VIP tent.
  • More F Bombs.
  • Pat Hartzler is not pulled through on the audio show…  Hoping to pull through to video clips.
  • Interview Luke Heminover (at 18:30)
  • The Champagne Room at the VIP Tent.
  • Who are the Jaycees?
  • Trending, #Heminover
  • Interview Steve King (at 21:45)
  • Steve King verified the “Oldest Beerfest” with All About Beer.
  • VIP Aftermath.
  • Three Floyds Black Heart
  • Interview Matt Rixner (at 24:00)
  • Alchemist Heady Topper.
  • “Wife…  Wife…”.
  • More swearing… We are sorry!  Toast should never have that kind of language associated with it!
  • Ken is back.
  • Wrapup with Chud and Ken enjoying the Topper.

The VIP tent is a great way to start the day the Jaycees Beerfest!  See you there next year!





Craftbeer Week 2015 – Day 4


Whats going on Thursday?

Tartan Inn is giving away a guitar!

Friday Night:

  • Beer Cruise on the Spirit of Peoria
  • Deschutes Tap Takeover at Fox Pub & Cafe
  • Lakefront Tap Takeover at Fieldhouse Peoria


  • Gutbuster 5K and Mini Beerfest at UFS
  • Homebrewer day with Destihl and the Hop Shop
  • North Peoria Beerfest at Fox Pub and Cafe.

Mini rant on contrived articles on Paste Magazine about Craft Beer.


Interview from the Peoria Beerfest with Matt Rixner of the Fox Pub.  Lets pack the house for breakfast Per-Beerfest next year!

Enjoy this upcoming weekend and be safe!  Get a Designated Driver for gods sake if you are hitting multiple places in Peoria.  (Y’know… Since we wont make it legal to UBER!)



Craftbeer Week 2015 – Day 3


Day 3!  More news on beers being poured in Peoria and the surrounding area this week!

  • Kemps Upper Tap.  Get there!  Coolest place you have never been too!
  • Kellehers is serving something new everyday for American Craft Beer Week!
  • Fieldhouse has Sump and some other killer beers this week!
  • George Jacob Gutbuster 5K at UFS.  Run, walk or crawl your way through beer, Hores De Vores and a mini beerfest on Saturday!
  • Spirit of Peoria Beer Cruise Friday night.
  • Craftbeer.com… Who are these guys?  The Brewers Association.

Take it all in…  This is an epic week of drinking in Central Illinois.

Interview:  Luke Heminover at the Peoria Beerfest.

Craftbeer Week 2015 – Day 2


Craftbeer Week 2015 rolls on!

Groucho runs down the events that he could sort out from the social media pages for all the local places that serve, sell and make craft beer!

The Fieldhouse in Peoria is giving teachers a break on Tuesdays!
Peoria Home-brew Club is meeting at the Fox Pub at 6PM on Tuesday.
The Railhouse in Pekin has Sculpin on draft!
Destihl homebrew event with the Hop Shoppe.
Old Chicago!!!???!!!

Coming up… Gutbuster 5K and North Peoria Brewfest. Josh Lanning is making dinner at Haynes on Main in Mackinaw Illinois on the 20th.

Interview: Jennifer Ritter with the Peoria Jaycees.

Craftbeer Week 2015 – Beer A Day podcast


Groucho is making it his goal to let you know what’s going on in Peoria this week!

This brief show, the first of 5 gives you info on the Fox Pub event with Peoria Brewing Company.

Next up?  Who knows!  We need some info from the other Bars and Distributors in the area!