TBR 76 – Bianca Delivers


Bianca’s back, but she seems to have dialed down her annoyance meter…  Longer show and less piercing shrieks make this show a nice mix of TBR lunacy and beer news.

Beers on the show:  Destihl Here Gose Nothing and Destihl Flanders Red in cans!

On the show:

  1. Bianca…  Nuff said.
  2. Bianca brings us beers that she refers to as vinegar.
  3. Ideas from Facebook:
    1. Canadians
    2. Growler materials
    3. Cheap Beers
    4. Beer pairings with Girl Scout Cookies
    5. Beer tasting at The Fox Pub
    6. Rob Rothgar
    7. The Jaycee’s Peoria International Beer Fest VIP Tent is April 18th!
    8. Craftbeer Fest at the Speakeasy Art Center for 2015!!!!
    9. Peoria Brewing Company show!
  4. Podcast Rap Battle!  Craftbeerradio.com and Groucho have a twitter, Fiverr rap battle going on!  Here are the clips.
  5. Fiverr theme songs!
  6. Destihl light and fluffy advertising on the cans…  Does it work?
  7. Groucho is critical of the Flanders can.
  8. Larry Bell outrage!  Innovation Brewing in Ashville NC.
  9. Beer Report ahead of the game when it comes to predicting that craftbrewers would start fighting each other.
  10. PR fail for Bell’s.
  11. Did Groucho get that right?
  12. Brewers are like drummers or guitar players?
  13. Newspaper websites suck.  pop-ups and subscription tabs are choking out local sites.  Who wants to do research if you have to go through that?
  14. Winter Fling?  Uber Fling?
  15. SXSW meercatting???  CHUD explains his loathing of this!
  16. Online media lives forever.
  17. Dueschery?  Word or not?

Beers on the show purchased in real life at Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL.  Go there and buy craft beer!