Episode 73 – Three Loco

tbr73Bianca aged a beer for the show…  Holy smokes were we surprised when she pulled out a 4 year old Four Loco Blue-Raspberry can.

REAL Beer on the show:  Nolo Hopitoulas IPA.

On the show:

  1. B to the Anca?
  2. SIDT Beer?  http://www.shouldidrinkthat.com
  3. Punk?
  4. Blue beer!
  5. Zebra fur?  Huh?
  6. Apologies for the Zimmerman comment!
  7. Bianca’s editing is excellent!
  8. Virtual chug!
  9. Nolo beer.
  10. Love for New Orleans.
  11. Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis is still a deusche for busting kids on Twitter.  Might as well be on his tombstone, that’s all he’ll be remembered for.
  12. Yo Lo!
  13. Bono vs CHUD.
  14. Gingers are gross…  That one goes out to The Tom!
  15. Ke$ha should be listening…  We need 4 ponies worth of money to sustain this show!

Beers on the show as usual, paid for and supplied by Groucho and others…  Chud was there to drink!