TBR Special Edition – Animal Story


Call this our little tribute to Ole Uncle Lare…  With the passing of Larry Lujack, a big slice of Chicago radio history has come to an end.

We had recorded this segment back in 2005…  I think we may have shared it on the old “Confrontation Board”.  It was a one off segment that Groucho thought would be fun to record.  Surely it was fueled with lots of beer.  The audio is crappy, so, don’t get your hopes up!


Repeal Day 2013 – Archived interview with Maureen Ogle


Thanks to Pacific Brew News Rick for reminding me of Maureen’s awesome tome of beer knowledge called “Ambitious Brew”.  Today being the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, makes a fine day to dig this back up!

Maureen was cool enough to let us do a phone interview and even sent an autographed copy of the book for a giveaway. Here is a re-post of that show. Enjoy!