TBR 60 – Old Belgians


60!  Finally!  Ha Ha!  Right!

Beers on the show:  Bornem Dubbel, Bornem Trippel,

On the show:

  • Boston… Too soon?
  • The Bird is the word…
  • New TRHH = North Korean Missile Threats
  • “Bad Dates”…  Indy reference.
  • Blonde Nazi’s…  Pekin’s finest.
  • CHUD makes a dated reference to his newest “ex”.
  • 60???  Why now.
  • Rex Dart… Where are you now?
  • More Sam Adams commercial ideas.  (Still screwed up the name)
  • Does Jim Koch buy his furniture at Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel?
  • Back to basics shopping.
  • Lot of Third Sunday Market to Knives to Green Bay Packers to Jay Cutler talk…???
  • Guns!
  • Guns?
  • CHUD Rant!
  • www.Globalbeer.com
  • Speaking in Tongues…  And we aren’t talking Talking Heads!
  • Pro Union talk from the CHUD?
  • Top 1% speak.
  • What would you have to do to earn $300,000 an hour?
  • Aeropostle…?

Beers on the show purchased at Broadway Liquors in lovely Pekin IL!

Full Episode Here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR60.mp3