TBR Halloween 2012

Beer on the show:  Newcastle Werewolf OK…  Lets get a jump on Halloween.  Groucho and CHUD get some festive holiday inspired beer that filled the marketing niche of the moment.  We should have picked up a bottle of True Blood while we were at it! On the show:

  • Lichens?  Moss Monsters?
  • Send us a T-Shirt Newcastle!
  • Election talk.  No good candidates!
  • Rollerderby talk!  Dupage Derby Dames and the McLean County Normal Misfits.
  • Octoberfest is like Christmas creep?
  • Holiday brews.

Beer on the show brought to you by Newcastle!  They sent it to us to give it a try!  Thanks again to Newcastle…  But we would like them more if they sent us SWAG to give away!  

TBR Special Edition – Original Sin Heirloom Apple Cider

Cider on the show: Original Sin – Heirloom Apple Cider with Cherries.

Whoa…  What do we have here…  Groucho picks up an Original Sin Cider without even knowing what he has picked up… And is pleasantly surprised.

The only question we have for you…  Can this cider get you laid like a typical Original Sin Cider?  TBR Challenge!

Go Jets!

Beer on the show picked up at Binny’s Beverage warehouse in Chicago IL.

Theme song provided by Too Much Joy at www.sayhername.com.  Check out all their great music and get closer to Godliness.