TBR 54 – Summer Movie Preview 2012

Groucho went to Cali and brought back some beers…  And then we decided to see the Avengers before the show…  Thus, you get a California beer show with some movie comentary.

Beers on the show:  Rubicon Brewing IPA, Grand Teton Brewing Company The Pursuit of Hoppiness Imperial Red Ale.


On the show:

  • Shout out to PB Rick!  Porno Boy!
  • Rubicon… Step up those labels!
  • Avengers praise.
  • Ed Norton…  What happened?
  • Kick Ass 2.  How?
  • Joss Whedon train derailed.
  • Batman.   Who is Baine?  Dark Knight Returns?
  • Eastwood legkicks?  Tom Selleck is a bad actor?
  • Frankenweenie?  Total hollywood rehash! 
  • Tim Burton = Washed up…  Its a TBR Certified fact!
  • Goth-lette
  • No Pliney the Elder!  Groucho failed! 
  • Liquid crack…  Rubicon Rocks!
  • Spiderman.  Mcfarlane pose = cool.  Webshooters = correct.  Truth about Peter Parkers parents = More hollywood BS!
  • Grey Hulk movie!  Joe Fixit!  Make it happen!
  • Mega “Geek Speak” on the show tonight.
  • 3 villian fail!  Dont they ever learn?
  • Canada still has us reeling from the last show!  Alexander Keith…  We havent forgotten you!  Its a Budweiser conspiracy?
  • Diet Soda reviews?
  • AT&T has Groucho throttled!  Time to change carriers when this contract is up!
  • Why cant we get decent internet out here!
  • Cargo cults…  Handmade DSL modems?  Steam Phone?
  • A bit more Rubicon Love.
  • Virgin America.  They rock!  Seat to seat chat!  No carry-on size check???
  • Pilots overworked?  How to make a grand exit from work?  Suction cups on your hands?
  • We need charcoal paste???  Brilliant CHUD idea!
  • Boobies?
  • Groucho bought an old beer!!!  Hop fade!
  • PBR Ricks secret weapon to bad beer?  Extract case?  More steampunk references.  Duster?
  • Beer Drinkers are Dumb song.  Damn you Eggs!
  • American Reunion?
  • Souless Florida
  • GI JOE Retalliation
  • Expendables 2!  Chuck Norris!!!! 
  • The Dictator.
  • The Campaign.
  • MIB3.
  • Illiminati GURPS game.  Serious Geek Speek!
  • Gary Mier on WGN says Tommy Lee Jones is a prick to interview!
  • Promethius.
  • Trading Places!
  • A few words for Grand Teton Brewing Company.   Get your beers out of Town and Country Liquor Stop in Watkinsville CA!  Its bad for business to have 1 year old IPA’s lying around!
  • I’m gonna “Greg” that.  Screw Google!

See ya next month!