Harvest Cafe Beer Dinner

They are our favorite place to eat in Tazewell county… And they are having a beer dinner featuring Lost Abbey beers!!!

The Harvest Cafe sounds like the place to be on September 1st!

Unfortunately, Groucho has already signed up for a beer dinner at the Publik House in Peoria for the next week…  So, mama is laying down the law that I cant pony up for both.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures of my dinner.

If you can… Please support the local guys down in Delavan!

Here is the info:

Craft Beer Dinner Thursday September 1st

 Five course farm to table dinner paired with Lost Abbey beers – $65

 Seating begins at 5:30pm, Dinner will be served promptly at 6:00pm.

 Reservations are required

 Please call  Hometown Wine & Spirits at 309-244-9000



Great Taste of the Midwest 2011 – Arrangements

From TBR IMages

The Great Taste of the Midwest, arguably one of the greatest beer fests in the nation was held last weekend on August 13th. 

Not having a ticket, I (Groucho) had been talking myself over it with thoughts of “Oh, its just a beerfest”, “You’ve been there before”.  Of course these were all to appease my grief.    Having been to my first and only fest last year courtesy of Bonus Beer Bob of the Good Beer show, I was well aware of the greatness being poured that weekend.

Oh, I’m gonna be doing a lot of name dropping over the next few posts… Sorry! 

It was even worse that friends and fans of the show were emailing me and asking on our Facebook page if “we” were going to make it this year.  That was to be expected.  It just hurt every time I made an excuse.  In reality, CHUD can never go anywhere with the crap work schedule he keeps.  For me, I never plan that far ahead to get my tickets in the advance fashion this event requires. 

When Dave Johnson (Our pal from O’Fallon Brewery) sent me a message Friday OF the fest… I just thought it was another “Hey, ya going” question that was waiting for my stock denial.  I was happy when a he sent a follow up text…

“We have an extra ticket, want to go?”


This required a little more tact that that.  I have kids and Margaret to think about here.  I had to coolly call Margaret from my commute into work Friday morning and drop this minor change to our weekend plans on her.  Being that we have been down these routes before… She knew what this fest means to me.  She would make some changes to a horse ride she had planned and take both our kids. 

After THAT was taken care of… I was ready to type “HELL YES” back to Dave. 

He said I was still good to go, and that this pass was a brewers pass.  I would be expected to help out at the O’Fallon station.  No problem, I have been wanting to try serving at a fest for years.

Saturday morning, I was up at 5:30AM getting ready to hit the road to Madison Wisconsin by 7:00. 

 ++  Too Be Continued, and Video on the next post ++