TBR Special Edition – Supplication

Groucho does it again… Brings back beer from a trip!

Beer on the show:  Russian River Supplication

This episode of The Beer Report is sponsored by www.newcastlebrown.com.  Check out the lighter side of dark!!!

On the show:

  1. Pop the cork!
  2. CHUD has no love for Ommegang?
  3. Love for Destihl St. Dekkara Wild Ale.
  4. “Clarke” dissed on the Russian River for poor service.
  5. thebeerdownload.com’s Steve  can put away the brew!
  6. Beer drinkers excercise more?
  7. Puritans and teetotalers young!
  8. Going to heaven on a curve?
  9. Michelle Bachman?
  10. The Mason’s do great work.
  11. Then things took a turn…   Groucho, AB and CHUD get into some social archetectural discusion that runs on for another hour.  Groucho take the pruning shears and cuts this sucker down before you hear him and AB start reaching for each others throats!
  12. Damnation needs to be re-evaluated!  Old Ales suck, according to Groucho.
  13. Aliens are back to take us out.

Beer on the show purchased at DaveCo in the greater Denver CO area.  Thanks to Dave for helping out… Not THAT “Dave”…  Some other guy…  But of course we thought the same thing…  “Is he THAT Dave?”.  Nope… Just a Dave who works there.

Listen here:

TBR Special Edition – Scorched Mother Earth


This show is a mess…  Could you expect anything different from us?  We were required by common decency and some loose podcaster standards to be factual and knowledgeable about our favorite pastime…  Beer.  Well, this show proves that we dont always hit those standards. 

We should have leveled the beat-down on http://www.motherearthbrewco.com/ for their wussy stance on store shelves showing off low BA and Rate Beer scores next to their products.  They have since repealed it, but you have to wonder who someone with such thin skin could run their own business!

Unfortunately, we flat out got it wrong and picked another brewery to let loose the attack dogs.  Namely, http://www.motherearthbrewing.com/.  These guys started out as innocent bystanders in the beginning of the edit.  But after reviewing our criticism of their website and mission purpose.  We have decided that their “We are green, look at us” overkill was worthy of a smackdown as well. 

And, in the end.  Neither of them offer any beers in our area.  So, we drank the most recent craft beer brand to blow into our neighborhood….  STONE BREWING from Escondido California.  Long a show favorite.

Beers on the show:  Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, Stone Black IPA, Stone/Mikkeller/Ale Smith Trippel Ale,

Outline of events:

  1. Episode Sponsor:  Ad from Newcastle Brown ale  www.newcastlebrown.com
  2. Stone is here in Peoria!
  3. Parallel tasting anyone?
  4. Chud wipes out.
  5. Stone bottles are too informative!?!?
  6. Beeradvocate reviews?  Unprofessional reviewers?  http://www.motherearthbrewco.com/index.php
  7. Mother Earth Brewing complains of unfavorable reviews on sites like BA.  CHUD rant ensues.  http://beernews.org/2011/03/mother-earth-brew-co-apologizes-removes-controversial-post-claiming-boycott-of-ba-rb/
  8. Lesbian bed death leads to Mother Earth website review, moves onto can we get back to the beer, bashing begins when we start talking about “green”, finally getting annoyed by loving Mother Earth.   
  9. Soybean rage???
  10. What is the green balance of solar panels and wind turbines?
  11. Beer awards are like *ssholes.
  12. Canned beer is great beer!
  13. Quad Cities quiz!
  14. Great River Brewing Company Roller Dam Red…  A review.
  15. Can we handle a brewers criticism of TBR?  Spoon didnt like it!
  16. When we were Belgian Beer n00bs! 
  17. CHUD struck by lightening?!?!
  18. CHUD holds up the show!  “Man up” advice for Mother Earth.
  19. The riddle of steel?
  20. Conan the Barbarian Wiki is weak!  Cliffs Notes Conan from Groucho.
  21. Stone beers kind to the working mans wallet!
  22. Moe’s Home-wrecker burrito is not good food between flights!
  23. Craftbeer cruise?  Jeff from Craftbeer Radio had done that…  Sounds cool!
  24. Beer Safari Beer Cruise???  Lets “effort” that!
  25. CHUD swears off Bud/Miller/Coors???  Can he do it?
  26. Starbucks is in Pekin, Stone is in Peoria…  Game over man!
  27. Everybody’s Drunk!  Pick up the new Rainmakers album, “25 On” today!

Once again, or apologies to the folks at Mother Earth Brewing.  We DO look forward to trying a beer from you guys in the future.  But, the Green thing is really getting over done.

Listen to this beautiful disaster here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_Special_Edition_-_Scorched_Mothe.mp3