New Belgium Eric’s Ale

First off… Let me just say that New Belgium does not scare me!  These guys are a current “golden boys” of the high end beer drinker markets…  You know…  Those beer drinkers who are graduating from the Big 3 (Not Ford, GM, Chrysler) and working their way up to decent beers.  Fat Tire seems to be the beer of choice for those making the first step to an aroused palette.   A beer, that to me, (Gasp) seems a bit overrated.

So, knowing the legions of disciples fall all over what these guys do… I risk pissing off some of you!

Secondly…  Labeling info…  NONE!  I found this bottle on the shelf at Friar Tuck in Peoria during an October visit.  It said Oak aged ale brewed with Peaches.  Other than the name “Eric” in it…  I had NO idea what “Lips of Faith” was about.  Oh, and Eric seemed like s a fine name for a beer, so I bought it!  Date brewed???  Once again.  NO idea!  These things are helpful… Especially after researching what this beer is.

I just read that this is part of a Belgium beer series that New Belgium is doing.  Which is ironic… Because I never really thought of any of their beers I have sampled as anywhere near a Belgium style.  We are in Illinois… And they are still fairly new here.  So, selection has been limited.  We, The Beer Report, have a particular soft spot for sour ales…  Especially the European varieties.  It wasn’t till we were at the Destihl Sour dinner a few weeks ago that I became convinced than an American brewer could pull off this style!  Seriously, American Brewers always seem to come up short somewhere.

How did New Belgium fare? 

Pretty well.  The wood barrels show up more in the nose of the beer than the flavors.  Arguable that scent and taste on a sour are the same thing.  But I never really tasted it on the tongue.  The fruit was there…  But, the fruit to me is indistinguishable from any other fruit flavors.  We brewed a cherry sour once, and I swear that “bret” and fruit juice always have the same signatures.  

The beer is light and refreshing…  Just as I would hope from this style.  Its complex, yet crisp and satisfying.  I did not get much carbonation after pouring.  The head receded quickly…  Leaving me a beer that was great to enjoy as it warmed up.  Like most in this style…  You can almost drink this at room temperature and find more scents and flavors popping out of it. 

I would say this is a very solid beer, my soft spot leaning in favor of the American brewers attempting these beer styles.  You can do a lot worse.  Particularly when you have no idea how long some imports have sat, or had their bottles stored improperly.  

That said, New Belgium could do a few things to enhance our experience out here.  Labeling dates and cellaring info?

4 out of 5 IBU’s from Groucho

Nice work Eric Salazar and New Belgium!

Founders Porter

Oh, you dirty girl!

You lured me in with your fancy and proper label… I expected a stuffy night filled with quiet reverence and small talk about the porter style of beer.  Then you did the Founder’s beer thing. You know that “thing” you do… Where you slap me in the face for assuming that a Founder’s beer is going to be like a comfortable shoe.

How could I know that under that under that black veil and burka-like covering, you are hiding a sexy and sultry cougar of a beer!  

Typical to Founders…  This “black” lady is crackling and popping with scents and flavors.  How we even get to the porter style with all this richness is beyond me!  In my limited experience… I am used to porters being a little more thin than stouts.  Maybe a lack of lacing and head as well?  My only concession on not calling this a stout would be the lack of any real head on the beer… But even that is arguable.  I’ve seen proper stouts have less. 

This beer is a must for your winter beer drinking pleasures.  Be ready for a full bodied lady who doesn’t hold anything back…  Well, after you pop that cap that is!

(Yeah… I mentioned “lacing”…  Fuck off!)

TBR Podcast – Denver Noodles


Groucho went on vacation… And brought back beer! Shocker right??? So, you get to hear about some beer from Denver and the local Denver liquor store… You also get a heap of Groucho and CHUD’s “noodling” conversations that lead everywhere and nowhere! Thus, you get Denver Noodles!

Beers on the show: Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils, Dale’s Pale Ale, Russian River Pliney the Elder, Alaskan Brewing Smoked Porter.

On the show:

  • Get your ass to Denver.
  • Hippie dude at the Oskar Blues Bar.
  • Beer, BBQ and Blues? Trendy or just imitating Big Foamy Head?
  • CHUD hates John Mayer.
  • Radionowhere podcast is not kid-safe!
  • Canned beer!
  • Machete, the movie leads to The Expendables, leads to Over the Top, leads to Quantum of Solace???
  • Can you drink Kerosene? Duel Survival. Man, Woman Wild sucks!
  • Jedi’s??? Really???
  • Plastic Man. Underrated DC superhero? (Flaming Carrot comics geek speak proceeds)
  • DaveCo story.
  • Pliney acquired… And remincing about the Stone 10th annual Beerfest.
  • Alanis isnt so ironic?
  • Dave’s I know! Kids in the Hall tribute!
  • Psychic listeners… We feel your vibes!
  • Bloomington-Normal Beerfest still sucks… But they did have a Firkin of Oak Aged Flemish Sour from 2 Brothers!
  • CHUD held back his Belgium home brew!

Beers on the show purchased at DaveCo liquors somewhere outside of Denver. Thanks to “Dave” at DaveCo. (He was not “THE” Dave… But a cool manager who hooked us up with fresh Pliney!)

Listen here: