New Blog, where are the old Podcasts?

This is a test of the beer and metal broadcasting system. I repeat this is a goddamn test.

Welcome to the new homepage of the Beer Report.  If you are looking for old shows and extras… You can still access them by clicking the links to the podcast. 

Look for reviews, commentary and God knows what else on this new site!

TBR Special Edition – Litigation and Lyricism


Back in the saddle… This show proves that we have not lost a step… Even if Groucho took a vacation and blew off his Beer Report responsibilities! We are back now… And after listening to this… I’d say as good or better than ever! Enjoy!

Beers on the show: Sui Generis by Avery Brewing Company. Batch 9000 from Bells Brewing Company.

On the show:

  1. We got the funk!
  2. Shout Outs! Gary! Kevin!
  3. Maudite again??? Groucho forgets anything he has liked from Unibrue.
  5. Twitter fridge!
  6. Listener email. Brewing talk. Eric from Seattle. Link to
  7. Mel Gibson meant it! There are no “take backs”!
  8. Groucho jumps another blog for name infringement.
  9. The Beer Report has grown up!?!?!
  10. check out the
  11. Your band name needs a url! Hear the power of the CHUD as he rocks the skins!
  12. Groucho sings… Time to shut her down!
  13. Gary gets a second shout out… That sounds eerily similar to the first one! Weird!!!! He’s a lumberjack??? He’s OK! Our tribute to our Canadian fans!
  14. Groucho was looking for a “Wafer thin mint”.
  15. Look out for our island show next!

Sui Generis supplied by Rick from Big Foamy Head. Check them out at Bells 9000 picked up at Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL.

Listen here: