TBR Special Edition – Cornfield

The studio is in renovation… So we took the show upstairs! We had the family together for Mother Markk’s 55th birthday… What could go wrong?

OK, so we dont have a couple hundred millions dollars laying around… But who says we cant make our own monster movie here in Central Illinois? This one has a whole cast of characters, so dont feel left out if you dont recognize them all! The names have been changed to protect the innocent!

Beers on the show… CHUD’s Snow Brew and Three Floyds Broo Doo (Not sure of the spelling on that one, I just know it has a troll on the label)

Download this monster of a show.

to Nightcrawler for the hooking us up with the Broodoo!


The Beer Report Vidcast #15 – Hanging out at 3 Floyds

OK…? So its been a long time since we threw a video out!? Sorry!

If you were expecting part 2 of the St. Louis brewery tours… Sorry to dissappoint!? The fact is, part 2 is a big file, and I didnt want to take space away from the audio show for a month to host it.? (I have the cheapo libsyn plan!)

So, here is a nugget that I recorded in Indiana before Christmas…? Travis, one of the brewers at 3 Floyds was nice enough to let me in the back for this short 2 minute film.

Look for something.. I dont know what!? Soon!


Episode 39 – Radon Awareness Month

This is a very special show… This month we use our position as a media outlet to inform the beer drinking population of the dangers of Radon! Click here for more details. Look for chilling facts about the one of the most overlooked and nefarious killers of Americans!

Beers on the show: New Holland Lucid Kolsch, Dogfishhead Jihu, Big Shot from Fort Collin’s Brewery, Smoke Jumper from Left Hand Brewing, Krusovice Schwartzbier.

On the show:

  • The 104.7 audition with Rick S.
  • AB broke CHUD’s O’fallon pint glass!
  • Geek beer, 9000 year old beer.
  • Mesopotamia vs. The Chinease Straights.
  • Ancient medical techniques.
  • Adonnis.
  • San Fran tiger talk.
  • Beer Report Storytime: Wrestling with retards.
  • CHUD’s counter story.
  • Radon facts.
  • Giveaway!!! Be sure to enter this months contest at the homepage!
  • Road Rage Rant!
  • http://www.the-opener.com/
  • Radon… More of a Ninja or Pirate?
  • January events… Tom Crappper day… Free Thinker Day… Lepresy Awareness!
  • Loving the smoked beer!
  • Making a mockery of January observances!

Dogfishhead purchased at Friar Tuck in Peoria, Big Shot picked up at Broadway Liquors in Pekin… No idea where CHUD picked up the Lucid!

Hear it now: http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebeerreport/TBR39.mp3