Episode 38 – 104.7 The Fox

Still working with the new equipment… So, Groucho is a bit overmodulated, or CHUD is undermodulated for the first bit of the show…. Sorry in advance.

Welcome AB back to the studio for this one… Still no Margaret! Call this our Christmas Ep… Its as close as we are getting this year. Dont forget to check out the Beersafari.com video. Check it out at the TBR homepage if you cant figure out how to work a search engine.

Beers on the show: Lost Duck Brewing Pelican Porter, Penn Brewery Santa’s Reserve batch 001, Trailshead Brewing Riverboat Rasberry, Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine

On the show:
  1. CHUDco Records presents: Its a Death Metal Christmas. (http://www.therealhappyhour.com/)
  2. Santa in the future.
  3. Rick Allen vs the Snake from Emmit Otter’s Jug Band Christmas.
  4. Growler life.
  5. 104.7 the Fox gets in on The Beer Report. (Thanks to Rick S.)
  6. CHUD’s Creationist Museum review.
  7. Indy is cool. (Nothing to back that up)
  8. “You got fat, you got old…”
  9. Grits, chitlins and pinkeye.
  10. Our opportunity in radio… Practice makes perfect.
  11. (Probably lost any chance of ever getting a sponsorship with the Tabernacle performance)
  12. West Iowa beer drinkers. Craft beer aint gonna take the wild frontier of the US anytime soon.
  13. Officially Whores… Paypal button now on the homepage.
  14. Groucho is a coward.
  15. Santa straight talk from CHUD.
  16. Putting AB on the spot.
  17. Check out the Beer Safari Christmas 2007 video show (just Google Video “Beer Safari).
  18. This is our country.
  19. Hanging out with (Famousas1) at 3 Floyds.
  20. Musical exit: Mojo Nixon – Son of Santa
Check out this Country infused show here: http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebeerreport/TBR38.mp3

Beers purchased all over the country… Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania… Who can keep track?

Merry Christmas!