TBR Special Edition – Reggie’s Wake

I will be the first to admit that this is a strange way to do a show… Groucho and CHUD come back to the studio after going to a visitation for a longtime friend of both. Reggie.

Reg was only 30 when he died in a motorcycle accident… But we decided to share some of the many stories we have with our bud. In hopes to show off what a spectacular life he led in such a short time.

Beers enjoyed during the recording of this show: Thunderhead IPA, Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA. (Big shocker… More IPA’s!!)

Join us for a trip down memory lane here: http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebeerreport/TBR-Wake.mp3

Episode 36 – Night of the living dead beers

Kinda early for Halloween! But, this zombie beer show certainly will scare any beer drinker!

Groucho and CHUD are joined by AB for a rapid fire taste test of some year old IPA’s… Its not pretty, so I will warn you now. Also, apologies in advance to any brewery who had a beer on the show… This was not a fair shake!

In all fairness to Clarke… We let him have a shot at rebuttal on the show… Listen in as Clarke throws in his 2 cents during the show.

Beers on the show: Clarkehead Homebrew IPA, Sand Creak Brewing Company Wild Ride IPA, LaCroix sparkling water, Green Valley Brewing Organic Wildhop lager, 2 Brothers Heavy Handed IPA, Founders Dry-Hopped Pale Ale, Dogfishhead Aprihop, Clarkehead Cider

Also of note:

  • Craft-beer Radiohead.
  • Back to the beer future.
  • Home-brew from Clarke, check out his new show at http://zeroface.wordpress.com
  • Good Beer Show, TBR and Big Foamy Head collide on GBS 127. (http://www.goodbeershow.com/)
  • Pecker gnats.
  • Low F-Bomb count show. Peer pressure from 3 dimensional podcasts?
  • Fu….. Kin….. A
  • First F-Bomb casualty.
  • Year old beers.
  • Groucho cursed too much on ep 35.
  • Paranoia of chunckage? Smegma.
  • Sparkling water.
  • Dig’em and Kool – Aide spunk?
  • 5 minutes of 5 bad beers.
  • The Wife Whisperer.
  • Clarke’s beer beeped us in the mouth?
  • Uterus theft.
  • Knox county, Illinois is fattest in the state!
  • Risking our lives crossing an interstate bridge. SUV’s caused Minneapolis bridge colapse.
  • Bono throwing the money lenders out of the temple. Chad, the country… Not the forum member.
  • Clarkes hard cider.
  • Skidoo, thats Canadian for Snow Mobile.
  • Moose farts contribute to global warming.
  • CHUD drinks from the dump bucket! Will AB heave?
  • Little known IPA facts. The Chinese Straits!
  • Apology for the brewers on tonight’s show.

Download this wickedly bad show here: http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebeerreport/TBR36.mp3

Intro theme song from Too Much Joy, visit www.sayhername.com for more great music.

TBR Interview – Mike Earnheart from Dark Horse Brewing

Thanks to Marketplace Selections for bringing this to Peoria! The tasting was held at Old Chicago on the Peoria Riverfront.

Groucho had a great time drinking some fine Darkhorse beers on draft, and trying some of the “secret stash” that Mark brought along.

Listen as we talk about Aaron, the head brewer and some of the processes that take place at Dark Horse… Like picking labels, making beer, and creating contests based on Aaron’s beard!

Also hear the “Clink and Drink” for Good Beer Show… Yeah, thats “ours”!


The Beer Report Vidcast #14 – Roadtrip O’Fallon

Finally!� �Our road-trip to St. Louis is ready for the masses!� Well, at least half of it.� Look for part 2 next month when we talk to Mitch at Schlafly.

On this episode, Groucho and CHUD had the rare privilege to check out the transfer of the of the Oak Aged Smoked Porter from the whiskey barrels!� And we had a few quality control tastes in the meantime!

Brewers Dave and Brian give us a little tour of how a small shop runs in St. Louis.� Lets just say this is a little different scale than what they are doing it differently across town at Anheuser Busch!

Check out more of O’fallon Brewery at the Great American Beer Fest in Denver…� Also check out their website at ofallonbrewery.com.

Music on this episode is from Too Much Joy, www.sayhername.com and Bogside Zukes, www.bogsidezukes.com

Download this lengthy first part of a 2 part show!>