The Beer Report Vidcast #9 – Lost Duck Brewing Company

Groucho went out of town for the Holidays…? And what should he find?? A totally hidden brew pub in Fort Madision Iowa!

Hooray, now we have a reason to like seeing the inlaws!

Check out some Lost Duck on this video, and search it out if you are ever in Southeast Iowa!

Also on the show, we pretty much dismiss the rest of the state.? Except for Maureen Ogle, she wrote a book called “Ambitious Brew”.? Its the story of brewing in America.? Check it out at

Also of note, more love for the O’Fallon Brewery.

Look for more podcasts and stupid beer stuff at

Thanks for watching!

Episode 27 – Nipples and Nuts

In like a lion! Not that we were trying! New years day edition… Early New Years Day!

Celebrate the new year with Groucho and CHUD, along with a special visit from Margaret, and a full session with Angry Bar Code aka AB.

We make up for a beer heavy show on ep 26 with this not so beery show! Keelhauler sends us some beers from the west coast, but they may have been too much for us! Really, CHUD didnt get any of them! We truely are the worst beercast!

Beers on the show: Island Brewing’s Avacado Honey Ale, Julilee Old Ale and IPA.

On the show:

  • Beercast, Brewcast, drunkcast… Whats it matter? Copyrights?
  • Keelhauler… Whats the meaning of life?
  • Steepcast… Thats ours… We said it first! All Groucho’s knowledge of tea comes from Captain Picard.
  • Lawyer AB.
  • Berkley students dont shave… And eat Granola.
  • Happy cows come from Cali.
  • Barnyard, the movie… Whats up with those utters?
  • Whats California good for?
  • Male milk cows?
  • Let me try to explain this one: A male cow must have some kind of utters, because all male animals have breasts of some sort. So, a cow must have some kind of “utter”. How we got into the location of cat balls is beyond me!
  • Precision Drinking Equipment supplied by Clarence Maloy.
  • CHUD’s grand plan to become an artist.
  • Leftovers: The Hoopmaster’s Mini Keg of Heinekin.
  • Prog rock.
  • Funniest movie of all time?
  • Vampires, otherkins…
  • Micheal and Evo have nothing on the Vampires! Pissing off the undead! The power of suck.
  • I’m too sexy for this brewcast.
  • Apologies.
  • A Canadian fan on MySpace.

Beers on the show were all gifts! Thanks to Keelhauler and the Homeless Hoopmaster for their contribution to the TBR!

Click Here to listen to this show