Episode 17 – Snakes & Lagers

You heard the rumors that this show existed… After much digging, Groucho has finally found what has been lovingly referred to as “The Malt liquor Show”. Originally taped after the “Vacation Brew” show, this episode has sat for months… Forgotten until our listeners finally applied the needed amount of pressure! (That means you “Goot”)

Beers on the show: Brahma (Again!!!), King Cobra Malt liquor, Lemp Lager, Elmwood Nut Brown Ale. (Hard to believe I tried to lose this one huh?)

Other Highlights include:

  1. More Brazilian backlash for the Brahma.
  2. A serious review of Malt liquor.
  3. Customer service support for Anheuser Busch.
  4. Long time listener, first time caller, Irish calls to talk about Hobgoblin.
  5. Union made beer from St. Louis (Just not made there).
  6. Making fun of Eskimos
  7. James Faux Jones says “Hey”.

Malt liquor and Lemp bought at unknown gas station in Tazewell County by CHUD. Elmwood Brewery is located 20 miles west of Peoria in lovely Elmwood Illinois.

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