TBR Studios, opening day.

Welcome to Beer Report Studios, located in beautiful Pekin Illinois.

Exciting news for Pekin and the surrounding communities of Tazewell County IL! Beer Report Studios in lovely Pekin Illinois are now fully renovated and have been christened with the production of one of the finest alcohol review shows in downstate Illinois. With the re-opening of this facility, Beer Report Studios is pleased to announce the acquisition of star beer connoisseurs… Groucho Markks and his brother, CHUD Markks.

TBR LIVE with Estry of TRHH

Groucho and CHUD have both used most of their collective spare time traveling this fine country trying out local and not-so-local beer. They are known for their vocal opinions of all things, but especially beer. The Markks brothers are also known to smaller audiences for a rapier wit and a bar banter rivaled by none. Look for new beer reports posted here as Podcasts. Commercial free and never edited for taste! Intended for mature audiences!

Brothers in Beer! The Beer Report is a beer review podcast with commentary for the “Joe Craft Beer Six-pack” crowd! If you are looking for another NPR style beer tasting show… You are probably going to be disappointed. Who are we kidding? There are about 20 podcasts that sniff, swallow, twaddle and judge beer like fine wine. We are not one of those!

Most everyone is aware of the past, if not, here are some highlights: A CHUD rant about Podcasts on Episode 11 pissed off most podcasters! We made fun of some people over at Winging It (Before Evo was canned) and that pissed off the geek nation… And, as of 40 episodes or so, most Belgium-ites, Rate Beer Fans, Pierre Cellis apologists, Canadians, and Vampires really hate our show.

If you are not in that group… Don’t worry… We’ll probably piss on something you like sooner or later!

TBR Post Show

Episode 14 – Belated St. Patty’s Day & CHUD’s B-Day

A belated St. Patricks day show… Sorry we are late, CHUD had car problems! We make up for lost time and submit our first 1 hour show. Its long and filled with conversation about beer! Imagine that!

Also of note:

  1. Coloring your beer for the holiday.
  2. The International Beer box sampler at Sam’s club.
  3. CHUD’s birthday present from Groucho.
  4. CHUD’s Tat and MySpace.
  5. New contract addendum from Sal and Everclearchannel Communications
  6. Math with the Brewmaster bottle.
  7. The mention of Meth Addicts shoots beer out of CHUD’s nose.
  8. The Illinois Brewing Company in Bloomington – A review.
  9. Toast to The Real Happy Hour‘s latest episode. A story about Egg’s at Wal-Mart after Episode 12.
  10. Dude Night’s Hot Chick March Madness.

Beers on the show, Old Jock, The 2005 Brewmaster from Anheuser Busch, Arrogant Bastard by the Stone Brewery, Old Engine Oil by Harvestoon Brewery.

Old Jock is from Kurt & Estry, The Brewmaster is from Irish, Arrogant Bastard is from the boys at Clarkehead, and Engine Oil was purchased at Friar Tucks in Peoria.

Click Here to Listen to Episode 14

Episode 13 – Milk Stouts with the Homeless Hoopmaster

Another 3rd wheel show… Someday I will have the equipment to handle these situations.

Give a warm welcome to the Homeless Hoopmaster! After begging for weeks for the chance to get behind a microphone on the Beer Report, Groucho finally succumbs to the athletic inebriate. Unlike Eggs, this 3rd party show does not include many compliments or ego strokes.

If Homeless sounds loud as hell… He is!

On the show:

  1. General stupidity about podcasting and how The Beer Report works.
  2. Groucho has Titan IPA on the mind.
  3. Clarence Maloy supplies the show with precision drink-ware.
  4. CHUD likes livestock, and married women… Still hates Brazil.
  5. Clarkehead brewery’s podcast, Dude Night, supplies the show with technical details about Milk Stout.
  6. A board game Podcast? Risk talk.
  7. The Homeless Hoopmaster starts getting sick… Then gets yanked by Mrs. Hoopmaster.
  8. Margaret Dumont makes her premier on the show.

The last 20 minutes have a stellar turn of events that are seldom ever caught on tape. A guy getting busted by his Wife and kids after getting wrecked! For the record… HH probably downed 6 shots of the Seahorse during our show… CHUD had ZERO, and Groucho had 1. We are soulless bastards!

Beers on the show: The Yeti Imperial Stout, Left Hand Milk Stout, Clarkehead Milk Stout

Click here to listen to Episode 13

Beer on the show are from Friar Tucks in Peoria and Bloomington. The Clarkehead is a home-brew, still the best home-brew!

Check out the thebeerreport.com. Also feel free to sign in to the “Confrontation Board“.

Look for an extras reel from this show on the Confrontation board soon