Episode 12 – Everything goes with Eggs… Even IPA

A very special episode of The Beer Report! We have all kinds of things going on around here… I don’t even know where to start!

This show is recorded at Studio B of lovely Pekin Beer Report Studios. CHUD’s studio! Different sound… Different time of the day… Different everything!

Eggs is in the house… And he is feeling very metal. Eggs tries his hand at some quality beers with the boys while talking about The Real Happy Hour, his podcast with Kurt and Estry. For those who have not followed along, The Real Happy Hour is also a subsidiary of EverClearChannel Communications like The Beer Report. Kurt & Estry also chime in via a shitty Radio Shack-D Cell-Bullshit Aparatis…

We get some gravitas from the guys at Clarkehead Brewery on Ep 12. That brewery sponsors Dude Night, another beer podcast. They give us a little background info on few of the beers we drank. Thank God for their submissions… With Eggs in the house, we fall on our face when it comes to talking about the beer. (Our TRHH Fanboy attitude overides the show)

Lastly, but not leastly, Craft Beer Radio sends in a rebutal to CHUD’s rant on Ep 11. Expect the unexpected as Jeff and Greg go “metal” and kick CHUD to the curb. (I cant wait till they go so big that they start asking us to take this down!)

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Beers on the show were purchased at Friar Tucks in Peoria. The Clarkehead is a home brew… The best homebrew ever!