Episode 7

A Beer Report tribute to New Orleans. We cant say better late than never, but we had it on tape and decided to add to the glut of garbage on the internet.

Beers on the show: Black Voodoo by the Dixieland Brewery and 3 Philosophers by Ommegang. (Not all the beers are a tribute!)

Other parts of note:

  1. Faux lays down the intro
  2. Brother CHUD talks about his experience in Orlando with 3 Hurricanes
  3. A special hurricane drink recipe
  4. Corked Beer
  5. Laughing in a glass?
  6. Road trip beer report? Bob Walkenhorst concert trip?
  7. Any listeners out there? Wal-Mart customers, Mormons and much more!

Click Here to download episode 7

All beers on the show this week purchased at UFS in Peoria IL.